Jul 5, 2009

Our 4th of July Weekend

Thursday afternoon/evening we (Jon, Hiro and I) headed up to Plano. We got in around 8 and enjoyed a late dinner with my parents. We all just relaxed Thursday night, which was nice!

Friday morning I woke up and realized I had not brought any contacts or my glasses with me! I wear daily contacts so I had thrown away the pair I was wearing on Thursday. Those of you who wear contacts/glasses can understand that without them my weekend would have been horrible! Luckily I called the Austin Costco (where I get my contacts) and someone happened to be doing inventory at 8:30 in the morning. He was so helpful! Not only did he look up my prescription and fax it to me, he also looked up to see what Costco in the Plano area had the contacts I needed. One had a box of exactly what I needed and Jon went and picked them up for me. I was so thankful to get them!

That morning my mom and my sister and I enjoyed a pedicure at our favorite place. They do amazing pedicures for only $25! Since my parents were having people over on the 4th, we spend the afternoon cleaning up and getting the food ready for the party. Jon and I went on a long (for me) run (even though it was over 100 outside). I have never been a runner, but I am trying to build up my endurance. It’s improving slowly. :)

Friday night my family went out to hear the Plano Community Band at Haggard Park. We brought a blanket and a picnic and enjoyed the music. My friends, Steven, Ally (and their son Jackson) and Amanda joined us.

IMG_0035 My parent’s at the concert.

IMG_0038 Jon and I sitting by the pond.

IMG_0040 Amanda and I(a little hot and sweaty after the concert). I think she is looking at the camera and I am looking at my Mom taking the picture, opps!

After the concert, Jon, Amanda and I headed to Watter’s Creek (a cute little shopping area in Allen). We met up with Steven, Ally and my sister for drinks and dessert at Woodlands American Grill. It was great to be able to catch up with everyone!

Saturday morning Jon and I slept in and after breakfast we went to visit my great aunt at her new place. She is 91 and still as witty as ever! She cracks me up! When we got back we helped with the finishing touches for the party and then relaxed the afternoon away.

Around 4 everyone began to come over. My parents and two other family’s have gotten together for the 4th of July every year since they all met in graduate school over 25 years ago! It was great to enjoy good food and great company. We played a few games of Bocce Ball, Taboo and Gestures (hilarious)!!

IMG_0042  Jon and I are the champions of Bocce Ball!

This morning we got up early and enjoyed my Dad’s famous French toast before heading back to Austin. Now we are back home relaxing after a great weekend!



The Haynes Family said...

the watermarks on your photos look great :). I can't remember the picture program you told me about at woodlands grill... what was it? thanks!

Jill said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I wish I would have been in Dallas to see you!