Apr 28, 2012

Oh Hi!

It’s been awhile!

We are all doing well and I have been meaning to get some posts together, but I just haven’t had much energy to do anything extra lately.

I had my 12 week appointment this last week. Everything looked good. I am down 7 pounds, which is about what I lost with Aedan at this time also. Guess I finally lost that last bit of baby weight from him. Haha! I had no trouble packing it on in the third trimester with Aedan so I am not too worried. :)

Jon thought he was going to be able to watch Aedan for me while I went to the doctor, but he ended up needing to lead a conference call. So Aedan came with me. He was really good, but I hope to not have to take him to every appointment.

First there was the challenge of getting a urine sample while trying to keep my curious two year old from unlocking the door, or touching everything including a urinal (what ob gyn office needs urinals in their private bathrooms??).

Then of course, Aedan had to say “hi” to everyone in the waiting room. When we got called back, he had to tell everyone “bye”. Can someone please tell me how Jon and I ended up with such an extroverted child??

He was super interested in the blood pressure cuff and the Doppler (baby’s heart rate was around 160 by the way). But what he loved most was sitting on the table. He had a fit when we had to leave. Silly boy.

photo (20)

I was hoping I would be one of those people who stopped being sick at 12 weeks, but that hasn’t been the case. Sigh. I have had some good days so hopefully I will start having more good days than bad days, sooner rather than later.

After my doctors appointment, Aedan and I went by and signed him up for preschool for the fall. I really liked the place we looked at a couple of weeks ago and I think it is going to be great for him. Plus it will give me a couple of mornings a week to get work done with only a newborn at home instead a newborn and a toddler.


Apr 18, 2012

Midweek Randomness

I was going to post an 11 week picture today, but I have yet to take one. Oops. I am feeling a little better this week. I have to be pretty careful about what I eat (can't keep down much fruit, any juice and most dairy). I can't wait to just be able to eat whatever and feel good all day! Hopefully soon!

We finally got blinds for our bedroom window yesterday. We have lived here for almost 4 months and we have binds most everywhere else, but our bedroom window is huge and we had to order them (plus we have nothing behind our house so we weren't very motivated) It was wonderful not to be woken up by the sun this morning!

We are also getting a garage door opener installed on Friday. Yay!!

Jon and I have been watching American Idol and I love Phillip! I also love that he and Elise sang my current favorite song last week...Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye. Love it!

Speaking of music, I am also loving Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. Luckily Jon has an e-music membership and we get to download new music each month.

Both songs have been playing in my car a lot lately.

Maybe they will both come to ACL. If they do, I may just have to take my 8.5 month pregnant self to see them! :)

Ok, I think that is enough rambling for one post.


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Apr 13, 2012

10 Weeks

Well, since this is almost a week late, I guess it is more like 10+ weeks. I took the picture earlier this week though…


I have felt a little better this week. I mostly only throw up in the evening which I guess is better than the morning. I still feel sick a few times throughout the day, but hopefully it will start getting less and less and I can start taking the Zofran less and less.

Today, I had a whole day at home so I got the house cleaned and laundry done since I have totally be slacking lately on everything. Hopefully I get back into my normal routine soon.

We don’t have any plans for the weekend so hopefully it will be nice and relaxing.

Oh, Aedan and I are going to visit a potential Preschool/Mother’s Day Out program next week (tear), any questions I should definitely ask or things to look for? We are going to look at a couple, but I am hoping this one works out since the times and days are perfect, it is well within our budget and it is only about 4 minutes from our house.

Happy Friday!


Apr 10, 2012

Catch Up Post

This little guy had his two year old check up yesterday. He is 28lbs and 34.5 inches tall. 50th percentile for everything and doing excellent developmentally. :)

Jon is working on a new project at work and for the next few weeks he will have to work on Friday and Saturday nights. So, he is switching to an alternative schedule and gets Monday and Tuesday off as his weekend. Since it was Easter weekend, he actually got a 4 day break which was so great.

We had a pretty low-key Easter weekend since I'm not feeling great right now. We did venture down to our neighborhood pool a few times. Aedan hasn't been too crazy about pools the past two summers but I think this summer will be a different story. He loved it! Our neighborhood pool as a little baby pool area that is only about a foot deep. It is perfect for him to splash around it. I know we will be down there all the time this summer!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!

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Apr 5, 2012

9 Weeks


Nothing much to see except the extra 5 lbs. I have managed to hang on to from Aedan (impressive I know), but I figured I should start documenting since I did the same with Aedan.

I have decided that I am just not meant to have lots of kids. With Aedan, morning all day sickness hit at week 6. This time around I felt a little nauseous week 6, a little more week 7 and then it hit week 8.  I have had a few days were I only throw up twice, but most days it is more like 5-6 times. Ugh. It is awful. Good thing we plan on only having 2. I keep telling myself this is the last first trimester…

I finally called my doctor yesterday. I switched to a new doctor that is closer to our new house and so far I really like her. My message went something like this…“I am having trouble keeping my chewable prenatal vitamin down, actually I am having trouble keeping much of anything down. I was put on Zofran with my first pregnancy, is that an option this time?”

Her nurse called me back within a few minutes and told me my prescription was being sent to my pharmacy now and to not take my vitamins if they make me sick. Thank goodness! I think I might love her. My last doctor made me wait until 12 weeks to get Zofran so I was thrilled to have it earlier this time!

I don’t feel 100% better today, but it’s a big improvement.

Luckily Aedan has been super good the past few weeks. He plays so well with his toys, loves to cuddle with me on the couch and has been taking his normal 3+ hour naps every afternoon. On the days I am home, I basically lay him down and then immediately lay down myself.

Of course Jon has been a huge help too. Luckily his work schedule has slowed down a bit since he got back from Amsterdam. As soon as he is done with work, he takes over playing with Aedan. He has also been doing the grocery shopping, because a grocery store is the last place I want to be. Last weekend I asked him to get apples and he came home with these….

Have you every heard of this? Grape infused apples. I cracked up. They are good but definitely different.

This afternoon, Aedan and I are headed to an Easter egg hunt with my moms group. Should be lots of fun!