Apr 5, 2012

9 Weeks


Nothing much to see except the extra 5 lbs. I have managed to hang on to from Aedan (impressive I know), but I figured I should start documenting since I did the same with Aedan.

I have decided that I am just not meant to have lots of kids. With Aedan, morning all day sickness hit at week 6. This time around I felt a little nauseous week 6, a little more week 7 and then it hit week 8.  I have had a few days were I only throw up twice, but most days it is more like 5-6 times. Ugh. It is awful. Good thing we plan on only having 2. I keep telling myself this is the last first trimester…

I finally called my doctor yesterday. I switched to a new doctor that is closer to our new house and so far I really like her. My message went something like this…“I am having trouble keeping my chewable prenatal vitamin down, actually I am having trouble keeping much of anything down. I was put on Zofran with my first pregnancy, is that an option this time?”

Her nurse called me back within a few minutes and told me my prescription was being sent to my pharmacy now and to not take my vitamins if they make me sick. Thank goodness! I think I might love her. My last doctor made me wait until 12 weeks to get Zofran so I was thrilled to have it earlier this time!

I don’t feel 100% better today, but it’s a big improvement.

Luckily Aedan has been super good the past few weeks. He plays so well with his toys, loves to cuddle with me on the couch and has been taking his normal 3+ hour naps every afternoon. On the days I am home, I basically lay him down and then immediately lay down myself.

Of course Jon has been a huge help too. Luckily his work schedule has slowed down a bit since he got back from Amsterdam. As soon as he is done with work, he takes over playing with Aedan. He has also been doing the grocery shopping, because a grocery store is the last place I want to be. Last weekend I asked him to get apples and he came home with these….

Have you every heard of this? Grape infused apples. I cracked up. They are good but definitely different.

This afternoon, Aedan and I are headed to an Easter egg hunt with my moms group. Should be lots of fun!


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