Mar 31, 2012

Some Outtakes

Thanks for all the kind comments about our Big News! Things have been pretty busy around here and I feel like I have been a little MIA lately. Hopefully I can get back into a blogging routine.

Jon was in Amsterdam for work from the 22-29th. He got back Thursday afternoon and we are so glad to have him home. I lucked out because my mother-in-law ended up being in town to visit Jon’s grandparents and she stayed a few extra days with me to help out while Jon was gone. It was wonderful to have her help since I don’t feel that great right now…come on second trimester!

We went to a good friends wedding today and it was beautiful. Since it was during the day, we decided to take Aedan. He did really well and had a lot of fun, but he missed his nap so he was super cranky this evening. We put him to bed early, ordered take out from Trudy’s and are looking forward to a quiet relaxing evening.

Oh, I got a lot of comments on how cute Aedan looked in the pictures with the sonogram…I thought I would share a few of the outtakes because it was definitely a lot of work to get a couple of good shots!





And we’re done.



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