Mar 2, 2012

Five Things Friday

This is a little late…so I guess it could be Five things Saturday, but that doesn’t make sense. :)

  • Jon was out of town from early Sunday morning until yesterday evening. He got back just in time to go out to dinner at Trudy’s. Yum! We are so glad to have him home! Aedan immediately wanted him to wrestle. Apparently, I am good at taking care of him, but not so good at the rough housing.
  • Unfortunately Jon is leading some overnight jobs this weekend so he is going to have to be up all night tonight. I’m thinking that may limit our plans tomorrow. Then next week he is leading a training and will have to be up in Round Rock Monday-Friday. He is busy busy and we are going to miss having him around the house during that day for another week.
  • Today was Dr. Seuss’s birthday so there was a special story time at the library. It was crazy! There were even kids with green hair. Aedan and his friends paid attention to the story for about 2.5 seconds and then they all wanted to go play with the train set. I mean come on. Why sit and listen to the librarian who doesn’t even show the pictures and goes on and on about the history of Dr. Seuss, when you could be having fun with trains (especially when you are 2 (or almost 2). The librarian may or may not have been a little annoyed, but such is life.

  • The weather has been pretty warm lately (today it was 80) so Aedan and I have been spending a lot of time outside. I love love love that we have a variety of parks we can visit without having to worry about traffic. It is amazing!
  • The Kite Festival is this Sunday. I am hoping we make it out for a little while because I think Aedan would love it! Here is Jon and I the weekend we met at the Kite Festival 7 years ago!

Spring Break 2



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