Feb 15, 2009

more crafts

Today I decided to tackle my curtain project. I got this idea from this amazing craft blog. She is so talented and creative. These are called mistreatments and do not require ANY sewing! Which is good since I do not own a sewing machine. :)

This is our window before...very boring!

I got this amazing fabric 75% off at Calico Corners in Plano. I started by laying it out, clearly my little helper is testing to see how comfortable the fabric is...

The piece I got was a little over 2 yards long so I trimmed it to about 2 yards (I didn't even use a measuring tape). The extra fabric should be enough to make a mistreatment for our bathroom window but that will be another day. After I cut my fabric I folded it twice...I didn't want to cut it anymore in case I change my mind and wanted to use it somewhere else...

Next I used my hot glue gun to glue on this trim (it was also on sale at Hobby Lobby).

Finally I hung it up using upholstery tacts. That's right, no curtain rod to hang or clips to buy! Just a pack of $.99 upholstery tacts. I got decorative ones that have a hammered finish so they look great with the fabric. Here is the finished product!

You can't really tell from this angle but I hung the mistreatments up high so that the bottom is almost at the very top of the window. As soon as you walk in the room the window looks much bigger than before! :) I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. I am looking forward to mistreating the other bare windows in our house.

I also decided to recover my messenger board. I feel like this looks a little bit more me. I also got an iron on tree decal for the bottom corner. I think it matches out kitchen perfectly.

Okay I think that was enough crafts for one weekend. Since I have the day off tomorrow I am going to spent a few hours on homework tonight and spend tomorrow relaxing. :)

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Nicki and Mathis said...

the window treatment looks really great!!!