Feb 21, 2009

jon's birthday!

Wednesday was Jon's 28th birthday! I had to work in the morning but then I had the afternoon off and he had the whole day off! After I got done with work I met him up at his grandparents house and we went out for lunch. It was nice to see them and we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at a local place up in Round Rock. After lunch I came home and did my cleaning for the day (see the post below) and worked on a report for work...which I finally finished yesterday! Wednesday afternoon I picked up a cookie cake...ours said Happy Birthday Jon obviously, but I forgot to take a picture so this will have to due.

For dinner we went out to a local place called Green Mesquite. The have a huge outdoor eating area and a great atmosphere. We meet up with 3 of Jon's good friends and enjoyed some great food. Everyone came over to our place afterward and we shared cookie cake and some wii fit games. Then Jon brought his Xbox into the living room for some Left for Dead playing...this is the point where I took my laptop to the bedroom and said good night.

Last night Jon and I went to our favorite Mexican food place...Curras to celebrate just the two of us. We enjoyed a great dinner and then came home to relax.

Unfortunately Jon had to head to Dallas for a job tonight, but he should be back tomorrow morning so we are planning on spending the afternoon together.

Stay tuned for "how to keep your dog off the couch" :)

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