Feb 26, 2009

getting ready for the weekend

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday!

I have a had a super slow week. My new client isn't starting until March 9th and my old client ended last Thursday. Then on top of that, my other client has been sick all week. Basically I had a meeting on Monday and a meeting today and nothing else besides school! I put my extra time to good use and got my oil changed and tires rotated. Jon and I even got our taxes done! We were a little worried about having to pay this year since I am being paid privately with no taxes taken out. Luckily Jon has he W2 filled out so they take out more than is needed. As it ends up we are getting a pretty good return. If things work out and Dell gives bonuses this year we are going to get wood floors put in! Yay! We should know about the bonus mid March...I think wood floors would be a perfect anniversary gift. :)

Tomorrow I actually have to go to work, but that's ok...I am starting to feel lazy sleeping in every morning. After work I am going to get my hair cut...ok lets be honest, just a trimmed. I think I am meant to have long hair. I have gone short a time or two and it just isn't me.

Tomorrow evening Jon has to leave for a job so I am going to use that time to go shopping for some new spring shirts...it was 89 degrees here today! Then Saturday morning, when Jon gets home we are going to head to the kite festival at Zilker. I am hoping to get some good pictures.

Ok, time for class...yuck. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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Jill said...

It’s nice to see someone else actually thinks about their hair! My mother mentioned this past weekend that I am addicted to hair cuts! Not true…I am adamant about not having split ends…and also getting a “cut” that only I can see…