Feb 23, 2009

how to keep your dog off the couch

As promised here is my post about how to keep your dog off the couch. Let me start with some background...when we got Hiro he was only this big...cute right? :)

We used to put him up one the couch because he couldn't get down by himself and he would just fall asleep. We knew we could get ready or get stuff done without worrying about him getting into something.

Even after he grew the couch wasn't such a big issue. Sometimes we would let him on but most of the time he would sleep on the floor next to the couch. Slowly he started getting on the couch more often...first when we were not home, and then when we would leave the room and eventually he would climb up with me sitting right there next to him. After one too many muddy couch cushion occurrences I decided enough was enough. He is a dog right?? He can lay on the floor with his own pillow right?? Yes!

So how to keep him off the couch? Well it was easy to keep him off when we were in the room and it only took a couple of times for him to learn we didn't want him up there when we were at home but not in the room. However keeping him off the couch at night and while we were gone was a challenge. We started blocking off the couch with baskets like this

But that was a pain. So my dad suggested I go buy strips of plastic carpet runner. It is smooth on one side and spiky on the other.

So over the weekend I went to Home Depot and gave them the measurements I needed. The sales woman asked me what I was doing with it and I told her my situation. She laughed and said that more people come in to buy this for that purpose than for its actual purpose. Now at night or whenever we leave I just lay these strips across the couch and loveseat.

Its pretty easy and they easily fit under the couch when we don't need them. Yay for clean couch cushions again!

Anyone else have any creative pet tips? I would love to hear your stories. :)

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