Feb 1, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday after my meeting I stopped by the mall to shop for jeans. I did some online "window" shopping Thursday night and I found a pair that I thought would be perfect. I headed to Nordstroms (the best place to buy jeans in my opinion). I think jeans are the only thing I buy there. I am ok with spending money on jeans but I will rarely spend more then a Target price for a shirt or shoes. Anyway in a matter of 15 minutes I found the jeans (!it jeans, hottie), tried them on, and purchased them. I wore them out last night and I love them!

Saturday my good friend Jill came down. We headed to Hobby Lobby and bought supplies for the first of many craft ideas I have for the house. It took much longer than it should have since we were catching up the whole time and not paying attention to what we needed to buy. After Hobby Lobby we headed to Hyde Park Grill for dinner (the fries are amazing). After dinner we did some window shopping at Bath and Body Works and Whole Earth. Then we headed to the movies to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was a great movie, I give it an A. When we got home we made a message board for my kitchen. It was super easy and I think it looks pretty cute. :) I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Jon had a job last night in Houston so he left around 6 pm and didn't get back until 6 am this morning...yuck! He slept until about 11 and then we headed to his first soccer game of the season. Even though he was operating on less than 5 hours of sleep he scored one goal and set up the second goal! It was a beautiful day and Hiro and I enjoyed being outside watching. When we got home we all took a long nap. Since Jon is not into football at all we decided to skip the Superbowl parties and relax at home. I am catching up on some TLC shows and Jon is playing on the Xbox. All and all its been a great weekend.

This next week Jon has to travel a lot so I am thinking I will be doing some more crafts to keep me busy.

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The Haynes Family said...

I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday too and they were having a ridiculous sale! Almost the whole store was 30-50% off. I escaped for only $8 though... yay!

Can't wait to see the crafts you make!