Jan 30, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend!

I am sooo glad its Friday! I worked this morning and I just spend my afternoon working on homework. I have to go back for a meeting and then I will be done! After work I am going to go shopping for some new jeans...Jon hates this, but I am obsessed with buying jeans. Anyway my favorite pair finally wore out in the knees yesterday (I spend 90% of my day crawling around on my knees and sitting on the floor). Thus I feel I have earned a new pair (plus I get paid this weekend).

Tomorrow one of my best friend's from college is coming to visit. We haven't seen each other in awhile since we are both so busy but when ever we get together we can always just pick up where we left off. I think we are going to spend the day/night relaxing and making crafts...I have gotten some great ideas from the craft blogs I have been reading and I can't wait to try them out. I will post some pictures when I am done.

So everyone on Facebook has been doing their list of 25 random things...I finally broke down and wrote one yesterday so I am going to share it on here as well.

1. I'm starting to get into photography and I love it.
2. I love making crafty things for my house.
3. I love being married.
4. The perfect Friday night would involve staying at home and watching a movie.
5. I used to not like wine, but now I have a glass almost every night with dinner.
6. I hate feet...I mean HATE them.
7. I've never cried in a movie...not even once.
8. It rained at our outdoor wedding and it didn't ruin a thing.
9. I enjoy my alone time.
10. I can't relax until my house is clean and the dishes are done.
11. Target is my weakness.
12. Lighting candles will instantly improve my mood.
13. I have a tattoo on my foot that matches my sister's.
14. I read every night before I go to sleep.
15. I watch way too much TV.
16. I don't cook but I love to bake.
17. I will stay up all night working on digital scrapbooking.
18. My middle name is named after a ship in Galveston (Elissa).
19. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue...skills!
20. I don't like talking on the phone.
21. I have only had 3 different jobs but I have worked since I was 15.
22. I add things I have already done to my to-do list just so I can cross them off.
23. I just started using a calendar...I used to keep everything in my head.
24. I'm scared of the dentist.
25. I like to travel but I get homesick for my bed.

Have a good weekend!!

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