Jan 19, 2009

A complete day off

I had the whole day off today with nothing on my to do list! It was great!! Jon had to leave town early this morning and doesn't come back until tonight so Hiro and I have just been laying around all day. I just now decided I should take a shower and change out of my pjs. I start school tomorrow so I know I will not have another day like this for a while.

I talked Jon into getting us cable again. We he got rid of it a few months ago because you can get pretty much anything free over the air or web. But when he goes out of town I enjoy watching my silly shows on TLC, Lifetime and HGTV. So the cable guy came out this morning. The first guy that came brought the wrong stuff but the second guy that came out got everything hooked up perfectly. It took me awhile to get all my season passes programed back into TIVO but I think I managed to remember everything.

Now I am editing some pictures from our vacation and trying to decide which ones I want to get printed off. Then I am sure I will go back to my cozy spot on the couch and watch some more TV until dinner time. :)

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