Jan 5, 2009

Whirl Wind of a Week

Last week flew by!

The last of our family left last Sunday and Jon had to head back to work on Monday. I was lucky enough to have 1 more day off before going back on Tuesday. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then I was off again until today.

One of my best friends Amanda came down Wednesday afternoon to spend New Years with us. We decided to check out First Night Austin. Its a cool thing that is set up from Auditorium Shores through 2nd street. There was a parade, and a bunch of booths set up with all kinds of artwork. From there we went to see one of Jon's friends play with his band. They played a bunch of Beatles music and sounded great! We made it home with just enough time to climb up on our roof to take in the fire works to bring in the New Year. Jon and I have made it our tradition to get up on the roof and watch fire works on the 4th and on New Years every year. We can see the ones that are set off from Town Lake as well as ones from Round Rock, Del Valle and Bastrop, plus all the ones that get set off in our neighborhood!

Friday Amanda and I drove back to Plano. I had a great weekend visiting with my family and friends. Saturday I was able to go to lunch and dinner Steven and Ally. They just moved back from Japan and I had not seen them since their wedding 3 years ago! I got to meet there baby boy Jackson who is super cute! I even talked them into starting a blog...yay!

Today was my first full day back a work. It went by really fast! The little boy I go to preschool with had a great day. I was worried it would be rough since he has been out of his normal routine for 2 weeks but he did really well. From there I went to do my last home session with the little girl I work with. We go back to 1st grade tomorrow. :)

When I got home I took Hiro for a long walk around Town Lake even though it was absolutely freezing! He got some good play time in and now we are both relaxing on the couch waiting for Jon to come back home.

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