Dec 28, 2008

Packed up and put away

I just finished putting up all our Christmas decorations and the tree. I know its so much more fun to put up the tree than it is to take it town, but I always like to think about where we were last year when the tree was up. What will we be doing next year when all the decorations come out? Will we still be living in this house? Will Jon still be working for Dell? Will I be on my way to supervising? I know I will have just finished grad school which will be great! I guess on everything else I will just have to wait and find out what God has planned for us this coming year.

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The Haynes Family said...

Lauren, we took your advice & started up a blog. I hope we can keep it going!! :)

Feel free to check it out...!

P.S. I hope you made it home safely today. Last night was so much fun.