Dec 24, 2008

Fun and Family

Monday night Jon and I headed over to his grandparents' house for our first of 3 Christmas celebrations. It was great to see everyone including some super cute second cousins.

Last night we went to my grandparents' house for our 2nd Christmas celebration. Although we were missing a couple of my cousins it was still lots of fun to see everyone. After dinner we went around the room and shared our favorite Christmas memories. It was so great to laugh at old stories. We do a gift exchange were everyone draws numbers and then we either choose to unwrap a gift or steal someone's gift. It is always so much fun and this year Jon and I both did great! I got 2 cute picture frames which is perfect because I want to frame some pictures from out trip. Jon got his gift stolen and got to pick a new one...he walked away with a gift set from La Madeline's (which we brought). We love their tomato basil soup!

Last night my sister spent the night and we stayed up super late exploring digital scrapbooking. I think I have her hooked, we even set her up with a blog and made a cute header for her to get started. I made a new background for my computer.My parents came over this afternoon and Jon and I were able to show them all 371 pictures from our trip. Now everyone is laying down for a small nap before we go to church tonight. After church I am cooking chili and corn bread for everyone tonight. My parents and sister have to get back to Plano early tomorrow so we are opening gifts tonight which will be a little different for us, but still fun! My sister, Jon and I went in an got my parents something very cool (I can't say what it is right now on the off chance they read this). I'll be sure to post more pictures tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!!

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