Dec 3, 2008

I should be...

doing laundry...the dishes...studying for my finals...reading for my house....working out...Christmas shopping...and so many other things

Instead I am sitting on my couch watching Lipstick Jungle. Jon got us this new program Hulu (because he canceled our cable). I was upset at first but I am starting to like this Hulu business. It has a bunch of different shows and movies that you can basically watch on demand. I saw a preview for this weeks Lipstick Jungle and thought I would see what they show is about. I was able to watch the pilot and 2 other episodes last night...I am on number 5 now...good grief.

I have a presentation tonight followed by a final...after tonight 1 class will be done!!

Count Down:
3 days until my birthday
8 days until my last final for the semester
9 days until work Christmas party
11 days until we leave for vacation!!

Oh goodness...I have so much to get done in 11 days!! I have to be completely done with my Christmas shopping...I am usually a wait until the week before to buy kind of girl....yikes!

1 comment:

Denise said...

Sometimes I think I must have ADD because I MEANT to fold the laundry, or start dinner, or a whole host of other things but I get sidetracked. I like to watch Lipstick Jungle too but I always forget to watch! I tend to watch my fav shows either on DVR or on the network site. My current favs are on ABC-- Ugly Betty and Samantha Who. I used to live for Grey's Anatomy but... enough said.