Dec 7, 2008

Weekend update

I had a great birthday weekend.

Friday I got off work at noon and Jon and I took Hiro out to Auditorium Shores to play. I got to take a short walk around Town Lake - I love where I live! We also played with our favorite outdoor toy the aerobie. We also got a little Christmas shopping done - we are almost done! My camera came Friday night and I had a blast trying everything out.

Saturday we slept in super late and went out for breakfast at El Chilito. They have awesome food and a patio. In the winter they have heaters and blankets at every chair. It is great to drink Mexican hot chocolate with a breakfast taco and wrap up in a warm blanket. From there we headed to Petsmart to get the Furminator (it is supposed to work wonders with shedding). We had Hiro with us and as we walked down the toy isle. Hiro got so excited when he saw all the stuffed animals. One feel on the floor and he immediately picked it up. We could not resist and let him take one home. When we got home I decided I wanted to clean out our extra bedroom closet. Its a pretty big walk-in closet and we could barely open the door. Well one thing lead to another and not only did we clean out the closet, but the room and we reorganized Jon's office so we both have a work place. It looks great and it will be nice for us to be able to work in the same room. Saturday night we went out to dinner and to Barnes and Noble to get some helpful photography books.

Today we slept in again (amazing). After breakfast we headed to Jon's soccer game. Unfortunately they didn't do to well, but the weather was amazing so it was nice to be outside. We had lunch at Texidelphia and headed home for a relaxing afternoon in our nice clean house. Jon had to leave for a business trip tonight :( but he comes home on Tuesday.

I promise I will post some pictures later this week. I just need to practice a little with my photo shopping took (GIMP).

I am so looking forward to get my 2 exams this week over with and head to Lake Tahoe next Sunday!!

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