Dec 11, 2008

Done with school!

I took my last exam this afternoon and came straight home to give my blog a make-over. How do you like my new header? I am getting so much faster at making them. :) I am officially done with school until January 20th! After work tomorrow I will be on vacation until December 28th, I can't wait!

Jon and I pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping and last night I wrapped presents instead of studying..which was way more fun. Tonight Jon is having a "boys night" with his best friend...they are playing some new Xbox 360 game...yay (can you hear my sarcasm?). I am about to head out for a "girls night"! I have been so busy with school and work that I have not been able to go to my weekly small group in about a month. We all decided to get together for dinner tonight since everyone has been so busy. I can't wait!

Tomorrow Jon and I are going to 2 Christmas parties that are back to back. One is a dinner my professor is throwing for all the people in the autism concentration. Then the other is for all the therapist I work with. Luckily the parties are literally going to be walking distance from each other. In fact it is possible that the 2 houses share a back fence. I think it is going to be the perfect way to begin my 2 weeks off.

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Nicki and Mathis said...

love the new header and layout! :)