Jan 22, 2009

Think Thin Thursdays!

I can't believe its already Thursday! Yikes, were did the week go?? I have so much to post about but for now I will do my updates and goals for this next week. Remember Think Thin Thursdays?

Update of last weeks goals:
  1. Stop drinking Mexican Coke (Jon insisted on buying a case last time we went to Costco and it is soo hard not to drink one with lunch when he is drinking one).
This one was hard but I did it! Jon and I had lunch together almost every afternoon last week and he kept asking if I wanted a coke. I started buying some sparkling water at the grocery store and I think that has been my saving grace...I feel like I am drinking a soda but I get all the health benefits of water.
  1. Replace the coke with water and add more water throughout the day...I would like to refill my water bottle 3 times per day.
I did drink more water (thanks again to the sparkling water) but I still need to be drinking more...see new goals.
  1. Walk the 2 mile loop around Town Lake at least twice during the week and the long loop (4.5 miles) at least once on the weekend.
I did it! I even did the small loop 3 times. Sunday rolled around and I still had not done the big loop so I forced myself to do it and it felt great!

New Goals for this week:
  1. I am going to try to drink a glass of water with every meal (with the exception of breakfast because I love my glass of orange juice). Jon and I both like to try new beers with dinner but I am only going to do that on the weekends, M-F will be water.
  2. I will snack healthy this week. Now that I am back in school I feel like I am eating more snacks...I am going to make sure they are healthy ones only from today on. Now I need to research some ideas for healthy snacks.
  3. I am going to add a weights routine into my walking routine 3 days a week. I have a set of 5 pound weights so I am just going to add some exercises in while I am watching TV at night.
Next post preview: Nicki from The Kenningtons tagged me with The Honest Scrap Award!

Thanks! I'm so excited, Nicki's blog is great and we are both working off our "happy pounds" with Think Thin Thursdays! I will post more about it and tag 7 more people this afternoon.

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