Jan 6, 2009

My ever growing home wish list

I feel like there is always something new on my mind to buy for our house. But really are you every completely done decorating? Here are a few things that I have been wanting for awhile.

We have this bedroom set in our bedroom. We have the bed, dresser and one nightstand. I really want to get a second nightstand. I am tired of Jon's books being on the floor. Plus I love the look of a lamp on either side of the bed. Now I just need World Market to send me a coupon so I can get it!Our house gets so dirty so quickly now that we have Hiro. I love having Hiro, but I don't love mopping and vacuuming all the time. The tile in our kitchen has little groves that love to hold on to the dirt and mud Hiro brings in. Even though I mop frequently the floor never really gets truly clean. That is why I want one of these...

Its a steam mop with washable cloths on the bottom. I hate cleaning off my mop when I am done. With the Shark I would be able to just throw the bottom in the washing machine. Plus the steam is supposed to help remove more dirt from the floor.

I want to get a new office lamp and another lamp for our living room. I have been looking everywhere but I haven't found anything that I like (at a price I am willing to pay). Why are lamps so expensive?

For my kitchen I would like some of these...maybe a group of 3.

We have a half wall that divides our kitchen and living room and I think these would be a perfect addition for the ledge.

If Jon gets his bonus this year (we are not for sure they will be getting bonuses this year due to the economy) we are going to put in wood floors. We have picked out the look we want in both real wood and a laminate. We both like the idea of real wood the best, but we have heard that laminate is a better way to go since we have a dog (and may get a second one someday). Anyway with the addition of some kind of wood floors (which will put the Shark steam mop to good use) we will need rugs! We are definitely getting wood floors put in the living room, hallways and office. We aren't sure if we will put it in the guest room or our bedroom yet. Jon thinks we should, and I agree that it would look good and it would be easier to get Hiro's hair up when we cleaned. But there is something about getting out of bed and stepping on warm carpet vs a cold floor. If we do get wood in the bedroom we will need some big rugs!

Okay I am sure I got think of many more things that I want for our house, but I should stop. We are going to Costco tomorrow...we'll see if I can talk Jon into buying one of the items on the list. :)

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The Haynes Family said...

I know what you mean!! Especially with our new apartment, I can't stop looking for things to decorate our house. I'm almost done with Jackson's bathroom... then it will be one room down, lots more left!