Jan 27, 2009

Nothing too interesting

I was going to update about my week so far but it has been pretty boring. So I thought I would post some funny quotes that I hear on a daily basis (Monday and Thursday mornings I shadow a little guy in a preschool class and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday mornings I shadow a little girl in a 1st grade class)

Today in first grade:
girl 1 "um hey (friend) can you see my cleavage?"
girl2 "what is cleavage? all I see is your shirt."
girl 1 "cleavage is this line in the middle."
girl 2 "oh the buttons on your shirt, ya I see those."

First of all why are 1st graders talking about cleavage!?!?

Yesterday at preschool:
4 year old boy: "well (girl's name) used to be my girlfriend but she is not anymore."
teacher: "oh why not?"
boy: "well she just got too old, you know when they get too old you have to get a new one."
teacher (trying not to laugh): "how old is she now?"
boy: "um I don't know maybe 5."

1 comment:

Steven said...

Lauren, that is hysterical but disturbing... very disturbing, maybe parents need to watch what they say around little ears.