Feb 4, 2009

home alone

Jon left for Arkansas yesterday afternoon. He has back-to-back jobs, so from Arkansas he will be heading to Louisiana and won't be home until Sunday afternoon. Which seems like a long way away. :(

Luckily Hiro and I have a plan to break up the week. Today I have a long day of work and then class so Hiro is going to play at his best friend Woodrow's house. They actually love each other. At the dog park they will find each other and stick together the whole time. It's pretty cute. Then on Friday after work we are heading up to Plano.

Jon and I were planning on going up to Plano Valentine's weekend for a party my parents are having, but Jon just found out he has to work Valentine's day (he only has to work in the morning so we will still be able to spend some time together). Since we can't go up next weekend I decided I would go this weekend. My parents are moving my great aunt to an assisted living home and could use the extra help. Plus my sister will be in town from Norman. I am looking forward to a family weekend.

Now I just have to avoid getting the cold that's going around. I think just about everyone in the 1st grade class I was at yesterday morning was either coughing or sneezing. Now my throat is starting to hurt...hopefully it is just because I am tired.

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