Jan 26, 2015

Visiting Nenna & Pop

The weekend before last, we headed up to the Dallas area to visit my parents. It had been awhile since we had been up there and Aedan had been begging to go.

He kept saying he really want to go stay at the Nenna and Pop’s big house (they have my grandparents old house here in town, which Aedan calls the little house). When I would ask him why he wanted to go so badly, he told me it was because he wanted to play with the toys my mom had brought from the little house to the big house. The same ones he is able to play with at the little house with only a 20 minute drive. Ha!

Anyway, we headed up Friday morning and made it by lunch time. That afternoon, Aedan and I went to visit my mom’s school. I told Aedan she teaches big kids (middle school). He said he wants to be in her class when he gets bigger.

We had such a fun weekend. We rode the DART, played at the park a bunch, and did a lot of hanging out. The kids had so much fun and Aedan is already asking when we are going back.








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