Oct 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

No baby yet…in fact I went to the doctor today and I am still a 6. We actually had to move my induction date to 11/2 because my doctor had something come up on 10/29. The next date open was Halloween and I don’t really want to make her birthday Halloween if I can help it. So the 2nd it is. My doctor was like you probably won’t make it until then anyway, but then she told me she didn’t really think I would even make it to today…I am thinking it is going to end up being the 2nd. So 11 more days to go…

My parents hung out at our house on Friday and ended up taking Aedan up to Round Rock to spend the night with them. He had a blast and has been asking to go back ever since. Jon and I decided to go out to a place close by for some dessert since we were on our own for the night.

Saturday morning we met my best friend and her husband for breakfast at Kirby Lane. Her husband was in town to go to the UT game so we were able to hang out for most of the day which was great. She and I did some shopping Saturday afternoon, and went out for dinner together. We don’t get to hang out much anymore so it was really nice to have some time together.

On Sunday we went to run some errands in the morning and then just relaxed around the house the rest of the day. My mom came back over for the night since my dad had to go back to Dallas for a meeting. She, Aedan and I all went for a long walk this morning and played at the park.

I am pretty much done with work, I just have a little bit to finish on a progress report so I guess for the next couple of weeks I will just be waiting and taking it easy. :)


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