Oct 16, 2012

Full Term!

Well, I guess tomorrow I will be officially full term, but close enough.

I had my 37 week appointment today and I am a 3.5/4 so a little closer now. :) My doctor also set an induction date of 10/29 if she hasn’t come by then, which means she will definitely be an October baby! I only have 13 more days to go at the most (although my doctor doesn’t think I will make it that long) so even though I feel like it…I will not be pregnant forever! Yay!

photo (9)

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of Baby: A winter melon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Actually, I haven’t gained anything since 35 weeks, which is good since I am up 30 lbs. now. 
Gender: Hopefully still a girl. :) Adelaide Caroline
Movement: Lots of movement and lots of contractions.
Sleep: Not so bad lately, I get up a bunch to use the bathroom, but I fall back asleep pretty fast afterward which is nice.
Maternity Clothes: Same as before, and I am getting tired of them. I am tired of wearing jeans that I keep having to pull up all the time. I have one more work meeting tomorrow and then I think it is yoga pants all the time for me!
Symptoms: 3.5/4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Getting close now!
Aversions: Nothing really.
Cravings: Fruit and ice water and sweet things (not great for the weight gain).
What I miss: Same as before, not feeling so big and having a hard time moving around/playing with Aedan on the floor.
Worst Moment of the week: Can’t think of a practically bad moment, just more of the same, busy and worn out.
Best Moment this week: Her nursery is done, well except there isn’t anything on the walls, but that probably won’t change before she comes so I’m calling it done for now. I am hoping to share pictures by Friday!

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