Jun 21, 2012

Show Us Your Life–Dining Room

Kelly is featuring dining rooms this week so I thought I would continue our house tour.

When we were looking at houses, I specifically did not want one with a separate dining room. I just knew we would never use it. Even when we have people over, we like to hang out in the kitchen and keep it pretty causal. Our house has a dining area between the kitchen and living room. Since it is all one big room everything feels really open and causal. I love it!

That being said, much like all the other rooms in the house, we basically just moved in the furniture we had in our old house and since this house is much bigger it all looks a little small.

Our kitchen table was the first piece of furniture we purchased after we got married. I love it, but it is just too small for this area.


We eventually want to replace it with something like this one. I think having a long bench would just be perfect for kids to eat at plus it would allow us to seat even more people.

Lugano Dining Table

We are also going to be getting a baker’s rack from my parents that will fit perfectly on the wall opposite the window. I think they are going to bring it down in August and I can’t wait to have another area to decorate/display pictures and such.

Just like our bedroom, we have a window seat in this area also. It is not as long or wide bit it is still a decent size. Eventually I want to get some curtains to frame the window box and some pillows for the window seat.


For now, it is one of Aedan’s favorite places to play. He is into pretending to cook and it is just the perfect place for him to play with playdoh and bowls of beans or water. His favorite thing to make right now is oatmeal and coffee. :)



Showing me how to pretend to eat playdoh. :)



Thanks for stopping by, to check out more dining rooms head over to Kelly’s Korner.

Oh, and our appointment on Tuesday went great! Baby #2 looks perfect and we found out what we are having. My parents are stopping by this weekend and I am going to convince my mom to let me tell her then instead of waiting until the 4th of July. So I’ll be posting our news sometime this weekend. :)


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