Jun 14, 2012


Have I told you that our two year old son calls us "dear" from time to time?


Well, he does. And honestly most of the time it cracks us up. Apparently Jon and I call each other dear more often than I though because a few months ago Aedan picked up on it and joined in.

He still calls us mommy (and even sometimes mom...seriously at two?!) and daddy most of the time, but if he is really excited about something and wants to show us, we hear "dear, Dear, DEAR!" and then a rambling of whatever he just saw like a big truck driving by, a jack rabbit jumping across the yard or a cool tower he built. It's pretty funny.

A few weeks ago we were at the park with a bunch of other moms and toddlers and my two year old climbs to the top of the playscape and calls me over to see something cool (I think it was a bug of some sort). Instead of calling over his mommy, he calls over his dear. All the other moms and I had a good laugh.

Someday he won't call me dear and he won't even call me mommy. He probably won't even feel the need to call me over to see everything that is super cool to him at every moment, so for now I will enjoy being call dear from my husband and my two year old. :)


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