Jun 6, 2012

18 Weeks

So I was going to try and be more on top of these weekly updates this time around, but since my last picture was around 10 weeks, I don’t think I am doing such a good job! Oh well, better late than never, right?


How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby: Sweet potato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my 16 week appointment, I was still down about 1 lb. That is exactly were I was with Aedan at that time and I had no problem putting on the pounds after 20 weeks, so this question may disappear around week 32 or so. :)
Genders: We find out in 2 weeks!
Movement: Yes! Especially when I am laying still in bed or on the couch. I don’t think I started to feel Aedan until closer to 20 weeks, I guess maybe I just know what I am looking for this time. Pretty fun all the same! 
Sleep: Sleeping okay. I usually get up once or twice to use the restroom and sometimes have trouble going back to sleep, but nothing horrible. I can fall asleep on my stomach which is nice, although I always wake up on my back.
Maternity Clothes: I told myself I would not wear maternity shorts/pants until 20 weeks. I just got so sick of them last time, so I am holding on to my regular shorts with a rubber band around the button – classy I know. Although I did pick up a pair of linen maternity shorts earlier this week and have worn them once; they were super comfortable. I have been living in some maternity tank tops from Old Navy. They are comfortable, long and have some bunching on the sides which makes me look more pregnant and less like I have been eating too many cheeseburgers.
Symptoms: The nausea/all day sickness is finally gone, I think! I still start to feel sick if I don’t eat a little something every few hours or so but I haven’t thrown up in about 3 weeks now. I am still taking zofran once a day, I tried to skip a day last week and it wasn’t good. Hopefully I will be done with it completely in the next couple of weeks.
Aversions: There are a lot of things we made while I was really sick and I can’t stand to even think about them right now.
Cravings: Nothing really.
What I miss: My mom makes beer-ritas every summer and everyone was drinking them when we went up to Plano to celebrate my sister’s graduation a few weeks ago. I love them and wanted one so badly!
Worst Moment of the week: I got pretty bad heartburn one night after eating some Mexican food. Lesson learned.
Best Moment this week: Finally feeling more like myself and getting back into normal routines like grocery shopping, actually cooking and eating dinner and cleaning the house!


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