Jun 29, 2012

Show Us Your Life–Kids Bedrooms

This week Kelly is featuring  kid’s rooms. I remembered to take some pictures during nap time yesterday, so I only got pictures of the playroom. Then I had to go to work and by the time I got home it was too dark to take pictures of Aedan’s room. I’ll have to take some and post them soon, although I may just wait and do a before/after once we get his big boy furniture and room set up.

Our new house has a main hallway off the kitchen area that leads to three bedrooms and a bathroom (the master is off the living room). Aedan’s room is on the right, the room in the middle is the playroom and the room around the corner to the left is going to be the nursery. I didn’t take any pictures in there because it has just become a closet for us.

When we moved in, we decided to put all the baby stuff in the extra room since we knew it would eventually be a nursery. Since then it has kind of become a catch all. Right now it has one of Jon’s soccer goals, pictures I never hung up, and some random boxes in it. I will be sure to post some before/after pictures once we get that room set up for the baby. Can’t wait to get started on that!

Back to the playroom. When we first moved in we just put all of Aedan’s toys in this room. Then Christmas came and his second birthday and the room began to look more like a giant toy closet instead of a place to actually play. It was getting harder and harder to clean up and I found that Aedan wasn’t even playing in there very much anymore. I think it was too overwhelming.

So one evening Jon and I dumped out everything and divided the toys up. We left out a few of each item. A couple of puzzles, one set of small blocks, a few pretend things, etc. The rest we put in bins in the closet. I am going to try to rotate the toys out once a month or so.

Since we have done that, it is so much easier to keep the room picked up and Aedan plays in there a lot more (although he still prefers to drag his toys out into the kitchen and the living room too).

The view from the doorway…


Looking from the window…


Toy storage…I have been meaning to take some pictures of what is in each bin and hang it on the front but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Aedan actually knows exactly what is in each one so this works for now.



The extra toys in the closet…


No, we don’t have two train tables. I rearranged our living room last week…I think it is a pregnancy thing because I always seem to be rearrange things these days. I’ll have to post some new living room pictures soon because I love the way it looks now. Anyway, I decided to try the table out in the playroom for awhile. Aedan actually uses it more in here. It is the perfect place for driving cars, building towers and coloring.


I haven’t hung anything up on the walls yet, but I have some plans. I have an antique looking set of alphabet cards I want to hang from some ribbon and clothes pins on the long wall. Then I’d like to get a fun picture and cute curtains to fill up the wall with the window. I think I will leave the other wall blank for now and use to hang up Aedan’s artwork and such down the road (and the baby’s too of course, just further down the road). :)

I do try to pick up this room at least once a day so most mornings it looks like this (now that we cleaned out a lot of toys it only take me a couple of minutes). During the day it usually looks a little more like this…

photo 2

Which is exactly how a playroom should look. :)


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