Jul 3, 2012

Evenings Outside

It has been pretty hot here. Not as hot as last summer…yet anyway, but still we don’t do too much outside during the day except go to the pool.

But in the evenings it has been really nice outside. Our neighborhood is kind of up on a hill so there is always a breeze. Once the sun starts to go down it is pretty comfortable outside so we have been taking full advantage of it.

After dinner we have been walking to the park for a little play time. Aedan loves walking Hiro. I need to get some pictures because it is the cutest thing ever. Hiro does really well and walks right next to him.

On our way back we usually see a few deer running through some of the empty lots

photo 1

After we put Aedan to bed last night, Jon and I decided to spend some time in the back yard. Jon kicked his soccer ball around.

photo 2

And I caught up on some blogs/blogging.

photo 1

We had music going and it was such a nice evening. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have a glass of wine or a beer. Oh well, I had some cherry sours to hold me over. :)

photo 2


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