Jul 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Jon had to go to Colorado last week for work. He was gone from Sunday through Thursday. Aedan and I were happy to have him back on Friday!

Jon's mom came down Friday afternoon so Jon and I could head to Fredericksburg for a little weekend getaway. We planned this a few months ago, before we knew that Jon would need to be traveling for work. I felt bad for Aedan because he really only got to spend Friday morning with Jon, since we left during his nap time. :(

Other than the one night Aedan spent with my parents, he hasn't been away from both of us at the same time ever. It was definitely time! He had a great weekend with Jon's mom and I don't think he even missed us!

Jon and I had a great time in Fredericksburg too. We stayed at a little bed and breakfast off Main Street and had a really relaxing weekend.

We came back after breakfast this morning so Jon could spend most of the day with Aedan because he is headed back to Colorado tomorrow. Unfortunately he will be gone all week again. :(

This week should go by pretty fast though, my parents are coming in town on Tuesday and then we have plans with them throughout the rest of the week. Then when Jon gets back, he will have 4 days off so that will be great!

Now I'm off to get caught up on laundry and spend some time with my favorite guys.


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