Jul 20, 2012

Show Us Your Life–Foyers

I skipped last week on Kelly’s Show Us Your Life link up. It was featuring mantles and since we don’t have a fireplace, we also don’t have a mantle. :) We didn’t have a fireplace in our last house either and honestly I think the only time I missed having one was when it was time to hang up stockings at Christmas. If we had built our house we may have put one in, but since we didn’t and got a great deal on ours, we decided it wasn’t a deal breaker.

Anyway, this week is foyers so here are a few pictures of ours…


The table goes with our living room furniture and eventually I would like to put it back in the living room, but for now it fits perfectly in the foyer until we find something else for the space. The rug is also just temporary. We needed something for the space and this is an old one we already had. I’ve been looking for a runner for the space, but haven’t found anything I like yet.


We have tall ceilings pretty much everywhere which I love. I also really like this light fixture.


The double doors lead into Jon’s office. Down the road we want to switch out the doors for some with glass. For now we are sticking with these because I have a feeling if we had glass ones, Aedan would be even more likely to want to barge in on Jon while he is working. :)


Here is our front door. I love it. It lets in a lot of light without being too open. Love the star too, very Texas.


The view looking out from Jon’s office.


And the view looking from the front door. The door on the right goes to the garage with the stairs directly next to it. . The hallway on the left goes to a closet and our laundry room. Past that it opens up to our kitchen and living room.

Go check out some more great foyers here.


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