Jul 23, 2012

Best Buds

A few months ago, Aedan went through a pretty clingy phase with me. It was all mommy. He would cry when I left him at home with Jon. He would even try to run down the street after me, if Jon let him go outside. He would cry when I left him at his sitter’s house who he has been going to since he was 3 months old. As soon as we would pull up, he would tell me “no no, I want to go with you!”. It was a rough couple of weeks for him.

Thankfully, that phase seems to have passed. He doesn’t care when I leave him with Jon or at the sitter’s house. He even spent a night away from us and had a blast with my parents.

Now he has decided he is all about daddy. He has always loved Jon of course, but lately they have totally become best buds.

Jon works from home most of the time, so Aedan always wants to barge into the office and see what daddy is doing. We have been working on knocking on the door first and going in quietly to say a quick hi before leaving because usually daddy is on a conference call.

A couple of weeks ago, Jon had a day off in the middle of the week. We decided to take Aedan to open gym at a local place called Rolly Pollies. It is kind of like a Little Gym. Aedan loved it.

He especially loved hanging out with daddy.

Most mornings we move pretty slow around here. I see most of my clients in the afternoons so Aedan and I usually hang around the house in the mornings getting ready, and doing things around the house.

One morning last week, I had an early meeting and Jon had an eye doctor appointment, so we were all up and getting ready earlier that normal. Jon made his coffee and Aedan insisted on drinking some coffee (orange juice in Aedan’s case) with him.

photo (1)

Such a cute pair. I just love watching them together. It makes my heart smile. :)


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