Jul 9, 2012

23 Weeks

I was going to try to get this up last week, but I never got around to it.

Getting bigger…


How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of Baby: Grapefruit
Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last appointment I was up 8 lbs. so I am guessing it is more like 10 lbs. now.
Genders: It’s a girl and we are so excited!
Movement: Lots of movement. I notice it more and more throughout the day.
Sleep: Sleeping okay. I’ve been waking up around 4 am and I am wide awake for what feels like forever!
Maternity Clothes: I’m still pretty much living in my maternity tanks from Old Navy. I wear a couple pairs of maternity shorts and a couple pairs of my regular shorts still. 
Symptoms: I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I get a little heartburn from time to time but I’ll take that over feeling sick any day! I do still get nauseous if I don’t go too long between meals/snacks or if I get really tired but nothing horrible.
Aversions: There are still a few things that remind me of being sick but other than that no aversions.
Cravings: Fruit and ice water.
What I miss: Nothing this week!
Worst Moment of the week: Can’t really think of anything.
Best Moment this week: We spent the weekend in Plano to celebrate the 4th of July. We had a lot of fun!


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