Jul 11, 2012

Our 4th of July

We had two 4th of July celebrations and I thought it was about time I got around to posting about them.

Usually we go up to Plano to celebrate the 4th with my family and some family friends. Since the 4th was during the week this year, we celebrated up there over the weekend which meant we were home on the actual 4th.

Since Jon and I both had the day off, we decided to have some friends over for dinner. I of course took zero pictures, but we all had a lot of fun! We got to enjoy some live music from our backyard (we live pretty close to a restaurant/outdoor music venue and can hear their concerts from the backyard). Aedan had a blast with his friends

We let Aedan stay up late and we sat outside and watched the fireworks from two bigger neighborhoods near us as well as the restaurant. Aedan loved them and kept asking for “more fire”. It was even the first thing he asked about when he woke up the next morning.

Last Friday, Aedan and I headed up to Plano to celebrate the 4th again. Jon is still having to work Friday and Saturday nights so he had to stay home.

Aedan and I had a great visit. He is obsessed with Pop (my dad). My sister, mom and I tried to take him to the pool Saturday morning and he had fun for about 5 minutes and then he realized Pop wasn’t there and just sat at the gate crying and saying he wanted to go home to see Pop. So he spent the afternoon helping Pop out with yard work.

photo 1

Saturday afternoon, my mom and I went shopping for fabric. I have been looking at bedding for the new nursery and could not find anything I liked. So I decided to make my own. I am going to make the dust ruffle and curtains and maybe a pillow or two. I am going to have someone make a crib bumper (way above my sewing capability). We found some cute fabric and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Saturday evening, my parent’s good friends all came over. This group has been getting together for the 4th of July for 32 years now! It started off with just my parents and their friends and now the group includes their kids and grandkids. So fun! Aedan was thrilled to have tons of people over…he is truly and extrovert. He was all about hanging out with my sister’s boyfriend. It was hilarious, he would ask Dugan to sit next to him and he would just listen to everything he said. Cracked us all up since this is only the second time he has met him.

Here they are watching a hilarious game of charades. I may have video taped one round, but I don’t think I am allowed to post it. Trust me…hilarious puts it mildly.

photo 3

One of the guys drives a Porsche so of course all the guys had to check it out. Aedan didn’t want to miss out so he insisted on going out with the guys. Such a big boy already.

photo 2

Each year a pair of pink flamingos gets put out in front of the house that is hosting the get together. I have no idea why/when that started, but this year they decided to give Jon and I are own set of pink flamingos. We can’t wait to put them out next year. Haha! ;)


All in all, we had a lot of fun! It’s hard to believe next year on the 4th, we will have an almost 3.5 year old and an 8 month old!


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