Apr 13, 2011

Goodbye Bottles

About a week after Aedan turned one, we decided it was time to say goodbye to bottles. I was a little nervous, not because he was super attached to his bottle, but because I just knew there was no way he would drink as much milk out of a sippy cup.

Well after a couple of days of me worrying and him getting used the the whole milk in a sippy cup, I am happy to say that it was an easy transition. He gets 3 servings of milk a day and some days he drinks more than others, but overall I know he is getting plenty.


He prefers his milk out of these sippy cups and I like them because they have oz. measurements on them just like a bottle. I replaced the bottle like top with a sippy top and we are good to go.


Oh and it is so great to not have to wash bottles all the time! All and all, we are pretty happy.




Nichole said...

Congrats! :o)

Me said...

Congratulations. I'm so glad it was an easy transition. :-D And the photos of Aiden are adorable. He looks like a 1 year old now. Good-bye baby, Hello toddler. -- Katherine

Chelsa said...

Go Aedan!!
You know I was the same way- freaking out he wasn't going to drink out of a cup, but it was easy for us too-thankfully!

Our boys are getting too big!