Feb 11, 2011

Things We Love Part Eleven

I cannot believe I am writing part eleven of this series. For the last few weeks Jon and I both keep saying we can’t believe Aedan is almost 1 year old!

I have mentioned before that Aedan used to like carrying his spoon around with him. imageWell for Christmas, one of Jon’s stocking gifts was a set of wooden spoons/spatulas (he is the cook in the family after all). When Jon opened the set, he handed Aedan one of the wooden spoons. From then on it has been his all time favorite toy. I mean, he will pull toys out of his toy basket and throw them aside until he find his spoon. He will even carry it around when he is riding in his Baby Bjorn carrier. Over the weekend, we stopped at a pretty hippy smoothie place (Jon’s smoothie came with hemp granola) in town after going to the park and Aedan carried his spoon in with him. There was a guy inside with dreadlocks and those crazy toe shoes who thought Aedan was cool for having the spoon.

So our first item is non other than Aedan’s wooden spoon, that we call Excalibur.


As Aedan gets closer to a year, we are working on transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup and soon from formula to milk. Aedan is great at drinking water from his straw sippy, but when I put formula in it, he takes one sip and looks at me like I am crazy. I saw these Nuby bottles on this cute blog and thought they would be perfect. I picked up a couple of Buy Buy Baby and we love them. They have handles just like a sippy cup, and they come with two types of nipples. One is like a bottle nipple, but it doesn’t leak when Aedan shacks or throws the cup (which is a frequent occurrence). The second is more like a sippy cup nipple which we will switch to soon.


When Aedan was younger I never really bothered putting shoes on him. Now that he is on the move and literally everywhere, shoes are more important. When it is cold I put him in his fleece booties from Old Navy, but since we have had a few warm days, we have been loving a pair of slip on tennis shoes a good friend gave me. They are also from Old Navy, but I can’t find them on the site, so this is close to what they look like, except Aedan’s are just blue. Although I think these little Lover Boy ones are adorable, I may just be ordering some soon. These shoes are so easy to put on and they stay on really well.


Blocks are another toy that has become a hit around our house. Jon’s sister got Aedan a set of alphabet foam blocks and a set of wooden alphabet blocks for Christmas. As soon as Jon or I start to build a tower, Aedan stops what he is doing and rushes over to smash it. He thinks it is hilarious (which might be something we will need to work on before he goes to preschool).


Other than these four things, we are still loving everything from last month. I can’t believe next month I will be doing part 12! I’m thinking for that one, I am going to list our top 5 items from Aedan’s entire first year. The things I think have been our best buys.

What about you guys? Any number one baby item that you just couldn’t have lived without during your little one’s first year? Or what about something that you wish you had during that first year?

Happy Weekend!!



Chelsa said...

where has this year went? didn't we just have these babies?!

those shoes at the top were kinda freakin' me out!!! lol never seen those before!

love the slip on tennis shoes. corbin's feet are SO SO SO thick. we still only have one pair of shoes that i can get on him! i'll have to try some of those on him and see!

when i first put formula in c's sippy he looked at me like i was nuts too! he will take his milk in there now though-- it did take a few tries! he LOVES his whole milk now!

The Haynes Family said...

We had a lot of success transitioning Jackson with the Avent sippy cups. They have a soft spout like a nipple, but the spout is shaped more like a sippy cup.

Very cute that he loves his wooden spoon - maybe he'll be a great cook like his Daddy :)

...and those shoes!! They look like gorilla feet on the bottom! Sometimes I forget how crunchy Austin is ;)