Feb 17, 2011

Eleven Months!

I can.not.believe.I am writing this post! In just a few short weeks, but little baby will be 1 year old! Oh my goodness.


Aedan, here is what you have been up to these days:

  • You weigh 22lbs and a few ounces and I think you are between 29-30 inches tall (we had an appointment today, and they had you stand up like a big kid to get measured, so I’m not sure you were standing completely straight).
  • You wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 overnights. You still wear size 12mo or size 12-18mo (you have since about 8 months, I think).
  • You sleep from about 7:30pm-7:30am every night and usually take a 1.5 morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap.
  • You are still taking 4 bottle a day, but I think we are close to dropping the late afternoon bottle and just making it a snack after naptime.
  • You are eating more and more finger foods. You love to have toast with your oatmeal for breakfast and grilled cheese or quesadillas for lunch. Oh and you love sliced bananas (you hated them when I used to mash them) and fresh blue berries. You will pretty much try anything and are a great eater. However, you have learned that it is fun to throw your food off your highchair and watch Hiro eat it. We are working on this, because while I am sure it is so fun, it is not something mommy likes. :)
  • You are pulling up and cruising on everything you can get your hands on. I’m pretty sure if you could stand up 24/7 you would be thrilled. Today, your sitter told me you were pushing a 2 year old around in a cozy coupe car.
  • You have become quite a handful when it is time for a diaper change/getting dressed. Most of the time I feel like I am trying to rope a calf or something.
  • You are learning what “no” means, but to you it doesn’t always mean you need to stop doing something, apparently it is more of a slow down or glance up.
  • You love to take toys out of your toy basket and some of your favorites are your trucks and balls or cups, oh and of course your beloved wooden spoon.
  • You are so good at running errands and love to sit in the cart, smiling at anyone who will give you some attention. It amazes me that you are so happy with everyone all of a sudden. When you were younger you didn’t even like it when new people came over to the house let alone hold you.
  • You love love love music. You will rock or shake your head when you hear something you like. You discovered the piano at your Nonnie and Pops house this last weekend and LOVED it!
  • You “talk” all the time, and while you can say mama, you prefer to say dada. You are saying new sounds just about everyday and today you have been saying “yes” all day long.
  • You love to rough house with your daddy and laugh at Hiro.
  • You have started to get pretty good at throwing tennis balls and bouncy balls, maybe you will be a baseball player like your Pop?


Aedan, you are so much fun. Each month just keeps getting better and better. We love you so much!


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Chelsa said...

seriously, so much alike!

he looks so much older in these pictures!

when i read your posts i think of more things that c does too!