Feb 1, 2011

The Nemeses

Aedan has never been a fan of loud noises. When he was a newborn, I remember him losing it many times when someone laughed a little too loud or even just sneezed. Seriously, the boy can scream like the best of them, but if someone else makes the noise it’s a no go.

Obviously it comes as no surprise that he is no fan of the vacuum. Usually I vacuum when he is playing in his crib or playing with Daddy, but I have vacuumed while holding him a few times. Which he is okay with, but goodness, after vacuuming the entire house while carrying my 22lb son just about does me in.

We usually keep the vacuum in Aedan’s closet (our house has great walk in closets in every bedroom but no coat/linen closet). A few months ago he followed me into his closet while I was hanging up his clothes. An guess what he saw? It is true, it was the nemeses itself. He was not pleased. Even after we went back to playing, he kept crawling over and glancing in the closet. Can you believe that nemeses never left? I know, neither could Aedan.

So now whenever the vacuum is out, he has to keep a close eye on it. I just had to get a little video clip of it. You know, something to show him when he older to completely embarrass remind him how cute he was at this age.



The Haynes Family said...

aww! Steven and I both loved the video - Aedan is so cute. :) That vacuum cleaner is ferocious. ;)

Sass said...

Aww that's so sweet!

When I was a baby I was terrified of the vacuum!
My mum used to put in front of the china dresser so I wouldn't go near it.

Amy said...

Sooo cute! My 3 month old hates loud noises too...she has a meltdown when her daddy sneezes (his sneezes are really loud). Ironically though she sleeps through the vacuum cleaner!

Chelsa said...

Corbin hates loud noises (like when he was younger he def. cried ever time we sneezed! lol). He screams at the top of his lungs, but this morning as I was taking B to school a semi pulled up beside us and Corbin was horrified! lol. He chases the vacuum though?! lol

Cute video!