Feb 28, 2011

Our Weekend

How can the weekend is over already?!? Sigh, so its back to work for us. BUT we have an exciting couple of weekends coming up because Aedan is going to be turning 1 in just 2 weeks!!!

More on that later, for now, back to our weekend.

On Friday the weather was gorgeous. Aedan and I played outside for about 45 minutes before his afternoon nap. I have to say this little car that he got from my parents is perfect for playing outside. He can push it all he wants, up and down the sidewalk, I can guide his pushing without having to bend down and when he decides to plop down because he is tired, I can just put him in and push him back home.


When Jon got home that evening, we decided to head over to Mighty Fine for some burgers and milkshakes. We eat pretty healthy during the week, but sometimes you just need a good burger and fries. After dinner we went over to Buy Buy Baby to look around at carriers. Aedan is getting too big for our Baby Bjorn and we want something with a back carry option. While we were there, Aedan got to test out some toys. First he pushed a big car around, and then played with some stuffed animals. But then he ran across this Melissa & Doug Piano. Oh my goodness, I wasn’t sure we would be able to pull him away to leave. He was so excited about it. We decided we had found the perfect birthday gift. Since I didn’t have a coupon with me, I decided I would come back and get it later, but then I found it on Amazon for $20 less, not bad! It arrives on Tuesday, and I am not sure Jon or I will be able to wait until the 13th to give it to Aedan. :)

On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early to go to a neighborhood boot camp. It was great and I am still so sore now. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house.

Sunday, we got up and headed to our favorite breakfast spot (Dan’s). Aedan enjoyed eating my pancakes and eggs and drumming on the table with the straws from our waitress.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to a park I heard about from one of the girls at my boot camp. It’s pretty close to our house and it was perfect. There was even a little playscape that was perfect for Aedan to crawl around on. The park has a wadding pool that is open in the summer. I am so excited to have somewhere close by to take Aedan swimming. In Plano I was a little spoiled by the City’s Parks and Recreation department. There are tons of very nice pools to go to up there. In Austin there are pools all around, but they are not nearly the same as the ones I am used to. At least this wadding pool will be fun for us this summer when it is over 100 outside!

Happy Monday everyone!


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Chelsa said...

i'm so jealous of your big city perks (boot camp in your neighborhood, pools, numerous parks, etc)!!!!

we have no pool :( we do have a splash pad that was donated a few years back that is at our local park. we have ONE park!! and the only thing in the way of fitness without driving at least 25 miles to the next town is our little tiny fitness gym-- no classes or anything! yikes! lol

corbin loves his piano that was b's (not melissa and doug, but same concept) so i'm sure aedan will get plenty of use out of his!!