Feb 21, 2011

Our Weekend

Since it was Jon’s birthday weekend, we had some fun things planned.

On Friday, Jon’s niece came over to babysit and Jon and I went out to dinner. We ate at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Curras. They have avocado margaritas which are so good. Neither of us had been there since before Aedan was born, so it was definitely time to enjoy our favorite meals there.

After dinner, we decided to go do a little shopping. Since it was Jon’s birthday he got to pick the store and we ended up at REI. Jon got a new pocket knife and I got this cute little cup.


So fun. I am loving iced Chai tea lattes right now and this will be perfect for me to take my latte to go or just to the living room. :)

On Saturday Jon, Aedan and I headed to Chuck E Cheese for my friend Lauren’s son’s birthday party. It was crazy but very fun. Aedan did really well and got to try cheese pizza for the first time, it was a hit. When Chucky came out to sing happy birthday to the birthday kids, I was sure Aedan would lose it, but he just gave him angry eye brows.

When we got home Jon’s mom and one of Aedan’s cousins came over to hang out. Jon’s mom brought everyone gifts. Jon got a soccer ball and some other soccer accessories and I got a Paula Deen candle (it smells so good and has pretty much been burning ever since).  She brought this new toy for Aedan and he LOVES it.


Jon’s mom babysat for us on Saturday night. I know, we got to go out two nights in a row, which has not happened since before Aedan. Jon and I headed downtown and met up with some good friends at Silhouette for sushi. It was the first time I have actually been to a sushi restaurant and it was very tasty. After dinner a few of us headed over to the Ginger Man for some good beer. It was a fun night and we enjoyed hang out with our friends and Aedan had fun hanging out with his Grandma and cousin.

On Sunday we went over to Jon’s grandparent’s house for lunch and had a nice visit. Aedan was into everything, including some indoor potted plants, but had lots of fun. We all came home and took a long afternoon nap – the perfect way to end the weekend.

Last night during our evening walk, we talked about starting up our family picnics again since the weather is so nice.



Erin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend :) Cute cup, never can have too many! I love the "angry eyebrows" note . . .I think we all should be a little cautious of a person dressed up in a giant mouse costume

Chelsa said...

that cup is adorable!!! i want one for my diet coke/ice at work! lol

c got that toy for christmas... i had put it up b/c he had another fave about like it... i might have to drag it out again! he did like the noises it made- they always made him giggle. lol

yay for date night x2!