Feb 3, 2011

Brr, It’s So Cold!

Remember when I posted about those 75 degree temperatures we had over the weekend? They are long gone. The temperature has been steadily dropping since Monday night and the high today didn’t get above freezing, which for Austin is COLD.

They are calling for sleet/snow tonight/tomorrow morning. They have already starting talking about school delays for the morning and I am pretty sure if there is even an icicle or drop of snow on the road things will start closing down for the day. That’s how we roll in here. We don’t do winter weather.

Regardless of snow or no snow, we are having a stay at home day for tomorrow. We may head out to our first level 3 Gymboree class if it’s not cancelled but other than that we are staying in. Jon is going to be working from home for the first time this year. Yay! I have a few work things to take care of during Aedan’s naps but other than that I am hoping to have a relaxing day.

Oh and speaking of work. I had a team meeting with one of my clients this afternoon and when I was leaving the mom gave me a gift. She said I have been doing a great job and they are really pleased with everything. So nice to hear!

Jon is playing is Xbox which means it’s time for me to go cuddle in bed with Hiro and catch up on some TV shows. I think I may grab a few Thin Mints too! Gotta love those Girl Scout Cookies!

Here is another video of Aedan. Last night Jon and Aedan were playing chase with Hiro. Aedan thought it was too fun.


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Chelsa said...

yikes that is called for TX! We barely missed the blizzard that just went across the country. About 30 min. north, northwest of us they got an inch of solid ice! We got a little bit of snow, but not enough to even stick around long! I was sooo glad. I'm very OVER winter!

Have a fun relaxing day!! :)