Jan 31, 2011

Our Weekend

On Friday I got to go out to happy hour with a good friend. It was nice to have some time to catch up and enjoy a good margarita. The weather has been absolutely beautiful all weekend, and we got to sit out on the restaurant's patio and enjoy the evening.

On Saturday, Jon slept in while I got up with Aedan (since he got to babysit while I was enjoying that margarita). Only he didn’t get to sleep in for too long. As soon as Aedan finished his bottle, he crawled over to the bedroom door, stood up and started to bang on the door with his palm. Ha! I have never seen him do that, it was too funny. Needless to say he got his way and we went into the bedroom to “wake” up Daddy.

After Aedan’s morning nap and a quick lunch, we headed over to central market for a few groceries. We manly needed some more food for Aedan, and since central market has a better produce department we went there instead of our good old HEB. It was super crowed. Duh, I mean it was Saturday afternoon. Sigh.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon catching up on work. After I got the stomach flu, I pretty much let work slide all week. Luckily Aedan took a 3 hour afternoon nap so I got all caught up and even a little ahead.


On Sunday I decided to try out a neighborhood boot camp that was being given by a girl that lives down the street. It was actually really good. It was nice to just walk out the front door and down the street to work out for an hour and walk back. It was a good work out and I am so sore now. I think I am going to keep going every weekend.

Sunday afternoon, Jon, Aedan, Hiro and I went to meet some friends at a nearby park. The weather was perfect. Breezy, sunny and 75 degrees. Apparently everyone else thought it would be a good time to go to the park as well. It was so crowed. We ended up walked over to a smaller park that was much less crowed and more fun. It was nice to get out and enjoy good company and nice weather. It was just a little tease of what is to come in March, which are the few weeks that Austin is the perfect place to live. Don’t get me wrong, Austin is great. But the weather during March is wonderful and it makes doing all the fun outdoor things in Austin that much better.



And now it’s Monday, back to work. It is supposed to be super cold here by Wednesday so I guess we will pack up the shorts and t-shirts and wait for the next beautiful weekend.


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Chelsa said...

ohhh i'm so jealous of your seventy-five degree weather. seriously.so.jealous! i'm having the winter blues! it did get up to 50 here this weekend though (just barely) and it was wonderful to see the sun shine so bright! i need to live some place warm. seriously! we are under a winter storm advisory tonight through wed. morning... more ice :( i'm hoping it passes us b/c we're right on the line.