Jan 26, 2011

Daddy’s Back!

Jon was in Minneapolis for training last week. He got back after Aedan was already asleep on Friday night so Aedan didn’t get to see him until Saturday morning.

Jon went to get him up Saturday morning. At first I just heard happy squeals from Aedan (he is always super excited to get up), but then I heard lots of “Dada, dada, dada” over the monitor. So cute!

My Dad was in town for work for a couple of days last week, so he came by for dinner two nights and even hung out at the house while Aedan was asleep one night so I could go to coffee with a friend. Luckily my work load last week was light and Aedan was in a great mood every day, which made the week go by quickly.

We are so happy to have Daddy back. The evenings are the most hectic for me, Jon usually gives Aedan dinner and a bath while I straighten up/start dinner, and then I give Aedan his bottle and read stories while Jon finishes up our dinner. It was tough to do it all for 6 nights. I’m glad we are back to our normal routine.

One bed hog is very happy to have his Daddy back, except for one thing. When Jon is out of town, Hiro gets to sleep on the bed with me. Neither of us sleep well when Jon isn’t here. We are both more jumpy and it is easier to just have Hiro sleep with me verses him running outside every time he hears a little noise and barking all night.

We had a pretty relaxed weekend and just enjoyed being around the house. Then Monday night Jon woke up with what we thought was food poisoning. We thought it was food poisoning until exactly 12 hours later I was hit with the same thing. I couldn’t even keep water down for most of the day yesterday. It was awful. We were both able to sleep well last night but I was still completely drained most of today. I took naps when Aedan was asleep and hung out on the couch while Aedan played in the living room. I am so thankful he is so happy to entertain himself. I just closed the gate and the bedroom doors and he had fun going from toy to toy. We were super worried that he was going to get sick too, but I think we are in the clear now and he seems to be fine. Thank goodness! I did manage to wash all our sheet and towels and do some cleaning today. I just felt like the house was all germy!

And since I haven’t taken any pictures in awhile, here is a video clip I took with my phone a few days ago. Aedan is into pushing anything and everything.


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Chelsa said...

oh goodness! i'm glad aedan didn't get it too! Ryan, B, and I all had the flu and somehow (knock on wood) Corbin escaped it! I'm so thankful!!

Hope ya'll are feeling good as new!