Jan 2, 2011

Who Needs a Baby Gate?

Now that he can crawl, Aedan is so good about entertaining himself while I am getting things done around the house. He loves to play with his music table, trucks and ring stacker. He will crawl around with his spoon and tap everything. It is so fun to see him look though his books (he loves the touch and feel ones the best!).


Our house is great because I can close the bedroom and bathroom doors and he can basically explore all over without getting into things. Well all over except for the kitchen. I have a cabinet of tupperware. Do you still call it tupperware if it is not actually Tupperware? It’s like saying Kleenex for tissue isn’t it? Anyway, I have a cabinet of things he can play with and it enjoys it. He also enjoys standing up at the patio door and looking outside or playing under the table. But the thing he loves more than anything is playing in Hiro’s water and food bowl. He is easy to redirect, but when I am trying to get things done in the kitchen, there are times when I would just like him to play in the living room. We are thinking about getting a baby gate, but until then, this is what Daddy rigged up.


Nothing like blocking a doorway with chairs, right? Aedan thinks it is too fun. He loves to pull up on anything right now, so this is great for him. This afternoon, I was able to get the kitchen clean and swept and make some baby food while he happily played in the living room.


I’m thinking we might just stick with this for awhile. I mean it was free and by the time we get a baby gate that fits the wide opening, I think he will either push it down or try to climb on it. What do you think? Baby gate or no baby gate? Anyone have a baby gate brand that they like?



Chelsa said...

haha, we have this issue right now w/ brycen's toyroom at the rental. he got a ton of legos for christmas and i don't want C in there unsupervised, but the doorway is double doors and no doors to close sooo ryan brought home a board from work and we rigged it up. corbin stands there and peers in begging for b to hop him over the "gate"! i'm thinking this way is cheaper and serves it's purpose... not exactly pretty, but i can live w/ it for now!

Chelsa said...

p.s. i still call it all tupperware and kleenex ;)

cady said...

We used our pack n play to block the entrance to our living room because our doorway to the kitchen is too wide for a baby gate. Works great and, like you said, it's free!

The Haynes Family said...

We are BIG supporters of the baby gate. We have 5 up in our house right now, and 2 in the garage that used to be up but we don't use any more. In the apartment we only used one to block off the kitchen though.

We have this gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as in the doorway to Jackson's room:


We love it. Don't know why the reviews aren't so great, but we have had GREAT luck with it :)

Jackson loves to climb and he doesn't climb on the gates we have at all. I definitely recommend spending the extra money to get a baby gate with a door. I think it's safer and more stable. Good luck!!! :)