Dec 31, 2010

A Look Back 2010

Last year I did a look back post on highlights from each month of the year. It was fun to look back at what we were doing so I thought I would do it again this year.

In January, I got a little crafty and made this to warm up my feet or for my sore pregnant back. I also started taking a photography class and practiced on my two favorite guys (while my other favorite guy kept warm in my tummy). And even though I had just graduated the month before, I spend some time studying for the BCBA exam. Man and I glad that is over!


In February, Jon celebrated his 29th birthday, I took over the cooking duties (and actually that is something that I have continued to do a majority of). My great aunt would be proud. She always asks me to tell her again, who cooks around the house. She thinks it is hilarious that Jon does did all the cooking. Ha! I also started to have weekly doctors appointments and at 37 weeks, I found out I was already 3cm dilated!


In March, our good friend Aaron took some belly pictures for me, Jon and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and of course Aedan was born! I shared his birth story and some pictures as well.


In April, my grandfather (on my mom’s side) passed away. It was pretty sudden and unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it down to see him before he passed or for the funeral, since Aedan was just a month old. I am so sad that he never got to meet his great grandson, but I know Aedan will hear many stories about him as he grows up. Aedan turned 1 month and I talked about a few things I couldn’t live without.


In May, we had a weekend visitor, got a new car and took Aedan on his first trip to see his Nonnie and Pop (my parents). I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as a mom and took some sweet videos of my little baby. Aedan turned 2 months old and I talked about a few things that we loved that month. I started to make plans to go back to work and Aedan had his first Daddy Son afternoon.


In June, we had some good friends visit, Aedan started going to his babysitter’s house and wasn’t a huge fan (thank goodness he loves it now). I posted a few more videos and talked about Aedan’s personality. Aedan turned 3 months and of course there were some new things that we loved.

photo 4

In July, we took Aedan to the country to visit his MawMaw and PawPaw (Jon’s parents), we celebrated the 4th of July and we learned that Aedan wanted to be a tummy sleeper. Aedan turned 4 months and again there were some things we loved. And of course who can forget Bottle Bootcamp!


In August, we did some yard upkeep and had some trashcan drama. My Grandmother came to visit and Nonnie and Pop babysat so Jon and I could have a date night. I spend some time studying and Aedan spend some time doing independent play. We started making our own baby food (and still do!) and started a weekly family picnic tradition that lasted until the time change. Aedan turned 5 months and you can check out the things we loved here.



In September, I got a new accessory for my camera and I still love it! I took some cute bath pictures of Aedan, who turned 6 months (check out what we were loving then). I took my BCBA exam and we redid our office to accommodate both Jon and I working from home.


In October, we worked on breaking Hiro of his couch hogging habit (and I am happy to say we are still sticking to it). Aedan turned 7 months and here is what we were loving then. It was also time for me to pack up the pump. My Grandfather (on my Dad’s side) was moved to a hospice and October ended with some difficult days.


In November, my Grandfather passed away, it was a difficult week but my family really came together to support my Grandmother. I participated in a crock pot linky party and found out I passed my BCBA exam! We found ourselves in hot water (literally) one Saturday morning. Aedan turned 8 months and we were loving all of this.



In December, I celebrated my 27th birthday and Aedan started going to Gymboree classes. He turned 9 months and here is what we were loving. I got to show off our Christmas decor and our Christmas cards. I also wasted some time one morning to make this video. Jon and I both got some much needed time off and we celebrated Christmas with both sets of grandparents.


It has been a whirl wind of a year. While we had some difficult times with the loss of both of my grandfathers, we also enjoyed many many joyous times. I truly feel so blessed and I am looking forward to what 2011 has in store for my little family.



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Chelsa said...

Happy New Year!
I was looking back at little pictures of C yesterday- wow, they have really grown this year!