May 28, 2010

Aedan and Daddy’s Day Out

Today I had a lunch meeting for work (more on that later) and since Jon was in town he volunteered to watch Aedan. He decided to take Aedan out for the first time without me. Jon has taken care of Aedan tons of times but they usually just stay home. Today he took him out to the Greenbelt for a hike and then out to lunch with some good friends. Here are a few of the pictures he sent me while they were out.

Thatcher (Aedan’s future best friend) and Aedan tired from the hike.

Aedan & Thatcher

Aedan happy and having fun

Aedan Happy

And not so happy :)

Aedan not happy

I think they had a fun day together!


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The Haynes Family said...

Are ya'll busy next weekend? We'll be driving through your part of TX on Saturday and would love to meet up if you're free :)