May 10, 2010

Aedan’s Schedule

It took about a week for us to get a routine down and now that we have it down, it is great! Aedan is on a pretty regular schedule during the day and sleeping great at night. He is getting more alert during his awake time and is so fun to play with!

Here is our typical day

  • 7am: Aedan wakes up and eats, then we play for awhile
  • 8:30-10:00: Aedan takes his first nap
  • 10am: Time to eat again
  • 11:30-1:00: If we are home Aedan takes a second nap, but we are usually out running errands or having lunch with friends so he sleeps off and on while we are out and in his swing when we get home.
  • 1pm: He eats again, and then its play time until Aedan is tired (if we ran errands he usually tired by 2, but if we stayed home then he stays up until 2:30ish).
  • 2:30-4:00: Afternoon nap
  • 4pm: Time to eat again
  • 5:15-6ish: Aedan takes a little catnap
  • 6pm: Time to eat (he eats about every 2 hours in the evening, which helps him sleep longer at night so I am all for it).
  • If its a nice evening, we go for a walk around the neighborhood or just sit out on the front porch.
  • Around 7:30ish Aedan gets a bath, which he likes, until we wash his hair/face. We usually end bath with hair washed and Aedan worked up into his mad cry (face red, and mouth open with no sound coming out; which means we are in for a loud scream soon).
  • After we get him dressed, swaddled and calmed down, Aedan eats again and falls right to sleep as soon as he is done, which is usually between 8 and 8:30. He has been sleeping until 5/5:30ish every night, then eating and going back to sleep until 7.

Obviously our days don’t go exactly according to the scheduled times. I just watch Aedan and when he starts yawning or getting fussy we go get ready for a nap. I change his diaper and swaddle him up and then rock him for about 5 minutes. Once he is completely calm I just hold him for about 5 minutes and by then he is pretty relaxed and drowsy. I put him in his crib and usually he is asleep without crying in a matter of minutes and if he does cry, its only for a minute or two.

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Chelsa said...

our boys schedules sound A LOT alike!

having a "flexible" schedule is so nice... it's nice to know what to expect, but like you said, if you have to run errands you can do that too! i think if you start them like that when they are so young they are always pretty easy going... at least that's how it's been with Brycen.