May 13, 2010

Things We Love Part 2

Last month I made a list of the things we used pretty much everyday during Aedan’s first month. I can’t believe I am already making a list for his 2 month!


We moved Aedan to his crib when he was 5 weeks old. He was getting too big for the newborn bassinet part of our pack and play, and since he was already sleeping right outside our room, we decided it won’t be much different to have him sleeping down the hall in his room. He has a little bit of reflux, which makes it hard impossible to get him to sleep flat on his back. When he was in the newborn bassinet his head was tilted up a little bit and that really helped him sleep. We tried different things out in his crib, like adding a wedge under the sheet but he would just slide down. Then I found some reviews for the Boppy Newborn Lounger. A lot of people said their babies with reflux were able to sleep well on the longer. So we picked one up and he has been sleeping on it ever since. It’s nice because it props his head up, but unlike a regular Boppy the center is filled in so he can’t slip down.


Aedan hated his swing until a few weeks ago. One day Hiro woke Aedan up from a nap early so I calmed him down and put him in his swing while he was still swaddled up. He fell right back to sleep. Now I use it whenever he wakes up early from a nap or when we get home from running errands and he has fallen asleep in his carseat. As long as he is calm and swaddled and not hungry, he is pretty content in the swing (if its on the fastest setting).


We have also started to use Aedan’s bouncer more as well. He loves to be outside and the weather has been so nice. At least once a day I take the bouncer out on the front porch and Aedan sits in it and just looks around while I read or play with Hiro. The bouncer also comes in handy when I am drying my hair or putting on my makeup. I have gotten pretty good at bouncing the seat with my foot. :)


We have been using our Baby Bjorn carrier a lot lately. It is so easy to just strap it on and wear it when we take Hiro to the park or on a walk around the neighborhood. I also like using the carrier when I go grocery shopping. His carseat doesn’t seem to fit very well in the shopping cart, plus it is getting pretty heavy to carry around. We just started having him face forward in the carrier, I can’t tell if he likes it better or not yet, but either way he likes being in the carrier.


Last but not least we have figured out that bouncing on a yoga ball pretty much cures everything from being fussy to needing to burp. I’m pretty sure Aedan would be perfectly happy just to be held and bounced 24/7. Jon sometimes puts Aedan in the carrier and then watches a soccer game while bouncing on the ball.


Thanks for all the helpful advice about tomorrows shots! I’m planning on waiting and seeing how he does. Since he is only getting 2 shots instead of 5, I am hoping he will be fine without anything afterward, but we’ll see.


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The Haynes Family said...

great stuff! We never thought to use a yoga ball - great idea!! :)

are ya'll coming to town this weekend or next? We will be gone this weekend, and we have a wedding to attend (and maybe a dallas summer musical?) next weekend, but we would be able to meet you for breakfast/brunch on saturday morning if you'd like! I don't think ya'll have seen our house yet, have you? you're welcome over here, or we can meet somewhere closer to your parents' if that's better :) we CANNOT wait to meet sweet Aedan!