May 20, 2010

Weekend Recap (a little late)

Since Aedan had his check up and shots on Friday he was pretty sleepy most of the day. We decided to take it easy and just relax at home all afternoon/evening, which was perfect since it was a stormy day. I am happy to say that Aedan was fine after having a long afternoon nap. He slept great that night and was back to normal the next day.

On Saturday, Jon got up with Aedan and let me sleep in a little (so nice!). He pretty much took care of Aedan all day. One of my good friends from school was having a birthday/graduation celebration Saturday afternoon. Originally they were going to have it at their condo’s pool, but since it was supposed to rain they decided to have a late brunch at Z Tajas (yum!). The 3 of us were going to go to the pool party, but once it got moved we decided it probably won’t be the best idea to take Aedan to a nice restaurant with a large group of people. Jon stayed home with our little guy and I was able to have some time with my friends which was really nice.

Jon had to work for a few hours on Sunday morning and then he had a soccer game. Aedan and I were pretty lazy and just hung around the house. Sunday afternoon we headed over to Jon’s sister’s house for our nephew’s 5th birthday party. Jon was going to bring our Baby Bjorn carrier in with us so he could carry Aedan around, but I told him I was pretty sure we won’t have to carry Aedan around at all. Sure enough as soon as we walked in the door Jon’s dad was there wanting to hold Aedan. From there I think he went back and forth between Jon’s two sisters. :) The party was during Aedan’s nap time so we only stayed for about an hour, but it was great to see everyone.


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Chelsa said...

glad you got some time with your friends! it's important to stay connected to people, even after you have a baby! i always feel like a much better mom after a little time and good conversation with friends :)